Hot Stomach - Thermal Food

Why does "Hot Stomach" happen?
An imbalance may contribute to either excessive or deficient conditions and cause stress to the organs. Since we consume food daily, it offers powerful natural medicinal properties. Foods are considered to have directions and thermal properties. TCM five element food therapy promotes counterbalancing foods to help restore natural harmony.

How can "Hot Stomach" be prevented?

Foods have energies that offer hot, cold, cool, warm or neutral properties and are used to help restore imbalances.

Symptoms associated with cold conditions can be warmed with warm or hot foods.

Symptoms associated with hot conditions can be helped with cool or cold foods.

Exterior conditions can be helped with foods that move outward, warming the exterior, promoting sweating and reducing fever, these are hot pungent & sweet foods. These are good winter foods because of their hot energy and include, black pepper, ginger, red pepper, cinnamon.
Cold foods that move inward are good in summer because they are energetically cold, bitter or salty and include banana, watermelon, clams, crab, kelp, lettuce.

Some typical foods and their thermal properties:
  • Cold: Banana, Clams, Kelp, Seaweed, watermelon, tomato, grapefruit.
  • Cool: Tofu, wheat, mushrooms, spinach, apples, strawberries, mango, (mostly green leafy vegetables and most fruit)
  • Neutral: Beef, white sugar, rice, pork, carrots, apricots, beets, Chinese cabbage, carp, celery, chicken eggs, corn, figs, honey, kidney beans, anise, lotus, papaya.
  • Warm: Chicken, raspberries, lamb, shrimp, garlic, coffee, cuttlefish, green onion, guava, organ meats, rosemary, seeds and nuts, wine.
  • Hot: Black pepper, black cumin, cinnamon, ginger, green pepper, red pepper beef, nutmeg, mustard, curry.