Natural help for MS

Natural Help with Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple sclerosis or MS?
Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system. MS affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other. Nerve cells communicate by sending electrical signals called action potentials down long fibers called axons, which are wrapped in an insulating substance called myelin. In MS, the body's own immune system attacks and damages the myelin. The resulting damage interferes with nerve impulses and can lead to symptoms such as muscle weakness, loss of vision, and a variety of other neurological impairments.
What does it mean to have an autoimmune disorder. Auto-Immune Disorders arise from an overactive immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body. In other words, the body attacks its own cells. 

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Numbness and weakness of limbs.
  • Extreme fatigue.
  • Eye trouble.
  • Loss of balance and co-ordination.
  • Loss of bladder-control and speech difficulties

A Lifestyle Change is a Must:
· Begin by “cleaning” your Internal System.
· Follow a juice and water fast/cleanse for 3-5 days. (Dr. Christopher has a good one, )
· After the cleanse, follow a diet that consists of Whole and Raw foods.
· Raw fresh unsalted butter, homemade cottage cheese and soured milk and unfiltered honey are beneficial.
· Cabbage, carrot, cucumber, radish, tomato and red beet, all fruits and berries and liquid whey have special value in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
· Any whole, live, raw foods. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and a small amount of fresh fish or chemical free chicken.
· Avoid all refined flours, cereals, processed foods and meats, animal fats, and refined sugar.
· Absolutely NO diet soda pop. Aspartame, in diet pop, can mimic MS symptoms.
· Large doses of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6 and Vitamin F and Vitamin E can be used successfully.
· Omega-3 fatty acids and Bromelain help with MS inflammation.
· Avoid overwork and fatigue.
· Massage the weakened muscles and set the joints through normal range of motion everyday.
· Hot baths, hot mineral baths, cold showers in the morning and evening, swimming and exercises are other useful measures. 

Essential Oil helps:
    • Massage on Lower back on both sides of spine in a downward motion.
    • Using the same combination of oils, lightly massage the abdomen, starting just below the navel and massaging in a clockwise spiral out to the edge of the rib cage and the pelvis.
    • Massage bottoms of feet (arch area), palms of hands and upper part of the ears with same combination, undiluted.
· 1-2 drops Frankincense on the temples, under the tongue, daily.
· Also, rub 1-2 drops Helichrysum italicum at the base of the neck, daily.
      • Frankincense is the oil of choice because of its ability to cross the blood brain barrier. It has a powerful effect on neuromuscular issues and is an immune stimulant.
      • Helichrysum has the ability to reduce inflammation, while it soothes and calms. It increases the lymphatic drainage, and is the go to oil for nerve issues.